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William Cordeiro

after the painting by Roberto Matta "The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it." —Joseph Mengele each tottering a totem egged on by mengeled mangle gyroscoped by antennae or scrotum the anatomists grope through tangled legs with newfangled plates pantyhose and wingnut crackers jiggling wish bones juggling crutches cozen remarks um yesyes well but this will be over like flashmobs in a booth now ravel a cleft squeeze and strip your forefathers skin back we can unfill it like a tooth split one stiff to a single tine no face to disappear in cyclop off the willie pink up the earsnout hung as a chandelier leave you in stitches rib you and rub you out bring up the rear tinker with this bum twiddle a knob a nub screw on a rubber lip junk parts addle sums bobble spelunk in blub ber chuck the sob tip the shrill netherbird ahead of showering off re when you egress dont worry about any blurred slimescum blood coughed into our gimcrack font each stain jacked in our dump no cover you wont believe it our cutting up