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Editor's Note

December 15, 2011

It doesn't feel like the winter down here in sunny Miami. The temperature hovers around 78 degrees and the sun still shines powerfully enough to warm our cars, our homes, and our faces as we meet the day. Winter is very slow in coming down here, if it ever comes at all. And though we know many of you shoveling snow from your driveways and warming your cars for an hour before turning the ignition wish you could be down here with us, we hope we are able to warm your days and nights with the holiday gift of great reading.

For Gulf Stream Online #6, we have striven to provide our readers with a wonderful variety of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. We yet again broke our records for submissions received. We read through hundreds of stories and poems, struggled and debated our selections, and we arrived with a collection of excellent writing that we are excited to present to all of you. I am honored to have worked with our staff as editor this year, and I am proud of the issue we have put together.

So as the hectic whirlwind of the holiday season sweeps you up—as you travel to all corners of the country to share the company of loved ones—we hope you will also share the literature featured in this Gulf Stream Online #6. We hope these poems and stories make you laugh, gasp, think, and cry as they did us here at the magazine. It is our great pleasure to share them with you.

Happy Reading,

James Elens