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Miami Youth Development Project

Department of Psychology
Florida International University


The objective of the Youth Development Project (YDP) is to foster positive youth development by developing  refining, and implementing programs for promoting positive development. [MORE] 
The two main programs that we are currently implementing are:

  • The Changing Lives Program (CLP) is a school-based counseling program that aims to empower troubled adolescents so they can be in control of their lives and take responsibility for changing their life course in positive directions [MORE]

  • The Longitudinal Life Course Change Project (LCP) is an ongoing longitudinal study of quantitative and qualitative changes in the life course or life pathways of multi-problem adolescents in alternative school programs who do not receive psychosocial intervention


Contact Information:


William M. Kurtines, Director

Youth Development Project

DM 269-D

Department of Psychology
Florida International University

Miami, Florida 33199

Phone: (305) 348-3941
Fax: (305) 348-3879
E-mail: kurtines@fiu.edu


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