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No positions are available at this time.


The Frost Art Museum is looking for individuals with an interest in art and a desire to learn, to become museum ambassadors, or docents. As a docent, you will guide visitors towards a personal conncection with works of art creating an interactive environment. Your engagement with the community, students and each other will enhance your understanding of art, the world and its diverse cultures.

If you are interested please contact the Education Department at 305.348.2890.

Museum Studies Internships
The Museum Studies Certificate Program at FIU requires students to complete an internship in a museum. The internship is intended to provide the student with practical experience in museum work and to learn to function as a professional within an institutional framework. The intern is expected to complete a project or a specified portion of a major project during the internship. A three hour internship requires 10 hours of work per week during one full academic term; 20 hours of work per week during a similar period of time are required for six credits. Summer term internships span the two summer sessions. Students must register for the internship course in order to receive credits. The Frost Art Museum offers internships for FIU Museum Studies Certificate Program in Registration and Curatorial departments.  Please send cover letter and resume to:

Annette B. Fromm
Museum Studies Coordinator






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