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The Office of Planning and Institutional Research (OPIR) prepares and publishes research reports that reflect information gathered either from files frozen or live files. Data files at FIU are frozen at the beginning, middle, and end of each term. These frozen files are used to provide a "snapshot" of the continually updated information. Whenever possible, final, end of term data have been used. Prior to replication of portions of the Fact Book, or use of its data in policy development or analysis, we recommend that you contact the Office of Institutional Research staff to ensure that you are using the most current report on a particular topic. Every effort has been made to ensure that the data contained herein are accurate. Except where stated, the data presented are university wide and include every campus.


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   Admissions Data

   Biscayne Bay Campus Profile

   Budget - Operating Budget (by fund)


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   FTE and Student Credit Hour Data

   Major Buildings at FIU

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   BOG Academic Program Inventory

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