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Editor's Note

April 15, 2011

A lot is happening this month.

First, there's April Fools' Day. Second, there's Tax Day. There's also Earth Day, Record Store Day, Arbor Day, and Patriots' Day. There are the New Year celebrations in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. There's Buddha's birthday, Easter, and Passover. In Boston and London, people are preparing for the Marathons. In Key West, Duval is packed for the independence celebration of the Conch Republic. And don't forget it's National Poetry Month, Jazz Appreciation Month, and if you're in the Miami area, April is also home to the month-long poetry celebration, O, Miami.

How's your calendar looking? How about adding one more day? Because today marks the launch of something new…

Welcome to the latest issue of Gulf Stream Magazine, Online No. 5! If April isn't already busy enough, the staff of Gulf Stream has had a very productive few months. In addition to reading an ever-increasing number of submissions, we also hosted the first Gulf Stream Award, the finalists and winners of which are proudly included in this issue alongside the other fantastic contributions.

I feel fortunate to have worked for Gulf Stream this past year. I've looked forward to every December and April with the launch of a new issue. The 15th, that anchor of the month, has been a moment when things stop; the penned events on the calendar fade a little and for a moment the entire month is just that one day.

I hope as you read through Online No. 5, you, too, will feel the month's other events and days recede. I hope you experience the excitement and enthusiasm of the Gulf Stream staff that built this new issue. I hope December and April become just as important to you as they are for everyone at Gulf Stream.

I'd like to thank Lynne Barrett, John Dufresne, Denise Duhamel, Les Standiford, Pete Borrebach, the Creative Writing Department at Florida International University, and everyone on the Gulf Stream staff.

Happy Reading,

David Svenson