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Editor's Note

This is my third and final year working for Gulf Stream, and I've been incredibly proud to step in this year as its editor. Working for a magazine which is run exclusively by graduate students is always exciting, for the community that it builds amongst us as colleagues. At the same time, however, this community is always subject to the rapid turnover of its staff, as students enter and exit the program here at FIU. We've worked very hard during my time here to foster a sense of continuity, believing that building up Gulf Stream's online presence will provide an easy way for our literary community to not only stay intact, but to keep growing into that future.

That work—of everyone on our staff this past semester—really shows with this issue, Online No. 2—an edition of Gulf Stream that I'm incredibly proud of. The staff, both those who have been around for a year and those who are brand new, entered into this semester with a strong sense of our mission and a desire to make an issue that fully announces our presence online. Last December's Online No. 1 came out during a time of transition for the magazine, as we were shifting from a 19 year history of publishing print journals into the online medium. With No. 2, we are not transitioning, we are here.

Peter Borrebach