Certificate in Legal Translation 

& Court Interpreting




PREREQUISITES ( to improve your Spanish or English )

   SPN 3302 Review Grammar and Writing II

   ENC 3200 Business Letters and Reports

*or evidence of bilingual proficiency in the following courses.


CORE COURSES ( valid for both certificates )

* SPT-3800  Foundations of Translation

* SPT-3812  Foundations of Interpreting

   SPT-4801  Translation Practica

   SPT-4802  Interpretation Practica

* (Begin with SPT 3800 and/or 3812. Instructor will assess proficiency and may require one or both prerequisites before further T&I courses.)



    SPT-4803  Practica in Legal Translation

    SPT-4804 Practica in Legal Interpretation

    SPT-4941 Judicial T/I Internship

plus one of the following:

    SPT-4806 Oral Skills for Interpreters

    SPT-4813 The Interpreter and Language


ELECTIVES  (choose two)

    BUL 5105 Legal Environment of Business

    BUL 4111 Business Law I

    CCJ 3011 The Nature and Causes of Crime

    CCJ 3020 An Overview of Criminal Justice

    CCJ 3101 Law Enforcement System

    CCJ 3290 Judicial Policy Making

    CCJ 4280 Law and Criminal Justice

    CCJ 4331 Probation, Parole, and Community Program

    CCJ 4662 Criminal Justice and the Minority Community

    INR 3403 International Law

    ORI 3000 Basic Oral Interpretation

    POS 3283 The Judicial Process

    POS 3603 Constitutional Law: Power

    POS 3604 Constitutional Law: Limitations

    POS 4284 Judicial Behavior

    POS 4493 Politics of Judicial Administration

    SPC 2600 Public Speaking

    SPN 3413 Communication Arts

    SYP 3520 Criminology

In addition to these subjects, the electives may be chosen from offerings in the departments of Sociology, Anthropology, Computer Science, Economics, International Relations, Modern Languages, Political Science, and others, by securing the approval of the Director of the Translation and Interpretation Program.

Program requirements and offerings may be modified in the future.