Horticulture Links

1.  Plant Propagation
2.  Plant Nutrition
3.  Cultivation in Containers
4.  Horticultural Organizations

Plant propagation

An overview of asexual reproduction (great air-layering info.)
Plant Propagation Manual (Ohio State University)
Plant Propagation Course , HORT 400 (Cornell University)
Rooting database
Aero-hydroponic method
    1. Effects of dissolved oxygen on adventitious rooting
    2. Rooting cuttings in aero-hydroponics

Plant nutrition
Institute of Plant Nutrition (Hohenheim University)
Plant nutrient links
"Silicon:  The estranged medium element"

Cultivation in containers
Technical bulletins on container geometry and substrates:
   1. ://www.agf.gov.bc.ca/croplive/plant/horticult/floricul/aeration.pdf
   2. ://envhort.ucdavis.edu/Ehweb/Newsltr/1998/GP98winter.pdf
   3. ://www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/hort/floriculture/plugs/ghsubfert.pdf
Good tree nursery practices for agroforestry research

Horticultural Organizations

American Society for Horticultural Science
International Plant Propagators' Society

Research Organizations
USDA-ARS Subtropical Horticultural Research Station (Miami, Florida)               
USDA National Plant Germplasm System

Tropical Research and Education Center (Homestead, Florida)

Agroforestry Organizations

USDA National Agroforestry Center
Agroforestry.net (tropical agroforestry resources)
International Center for Research in Agroforestry
CATIE (Costa Rica)
CIAT (Colombia)
ECHO:  Networking Global Hunger Solutions (North Fort  Myers, Florida)

U.S. Plant Hardiness Zones:  The National Arbor Day Foundation

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