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Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750, my favorite composer)
    The J.S. Bach Home Page
    The Miami Bach Society
Some of other composers whose works I enjoy
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) (see also this interesting article about  J.S. Bach's influence on W.A. Mozart )
    Franz Josef Haydn (1732-1809)
    Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782)
    George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)
    Johann Michael Haydn (1737-1806)
    John Dowland (1563-1626, the great Elizabethan composer and lutenist)
    Muzio Clementi (1752-1832, composer of classical period piano sonatas)
Some favorite early music performers
    Paul O'dette (An amazingly talented lutenist who I saw perform in Miami in March, 2002)
    Jordi Savall (An exceptionally talented musician)

Michigan (my home state)
Leelanau County, Michigan (where I grew up)
The Leelanau Conservacy (I carried out a floristic inventory of a Leelanau Conservancy natural area during summer the summer of 2000)
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park (A beautiful place for hiking and camping)

Some of my favorite plants
1. Giant horsetails (my favorite plants!)
2. Huperzia squarrosa (= Lycopodium squarrosum) (a fascinating "fern ally" that I grow).  Here is a closeup of an interesting Australian form of this species.
    Photos of many other epiphytic Huperzia species ("tassel ferns") cultivated by Heaton's Fern Nursery in Australia.
    Lycophyta tutorials (excellent pages with information on this fascinating and unique group of plants)
        a.)  Introduction
        b.)  Detailed discussion
3. The Wollemi Pine (Wollemia nobilis) (Probably the greatest botanical discovery of the 20th century!)
    See also www.wollemipine.com
4. Stranglers & Banyans:  Amazing Figs of the Tropical Rainforest
    Lord Howe Island Banyan (Ficus macrophylla f. columnaris )
    (This is the banyan form of F. macrophylla ; The single trunk form is F. macrphylla f. macrophylla )
        Photo 1 (Palermo Botanical Garden, Italy)
        Photo 2 (Palermo Botanical Garden, Italy)
6. Amorphophallus titanum ( I actually grow one of these amazing plants!  Take a look at this excellent photo of the extraordinary compound leaf of A. titanum)
7. ABC of Azolla (learn more about these cute little aquatic ferns that are also economically important)
8. The Charms of Duckweed:  An introduction to the smallest flowering plants.

Local (South Florida) Plant Societies
The Tropical Fern and Exotic Plant Society (Miami, Florida)
The Florida Chapter of the American Bamboo Society

If you have any comments or questions, please contact the author, Chad Husby ( chad.husby@fiu.edu or husby.1@osu.edu )

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