Becoming a Registered Intern




Congratulations!  You have completed the first step by earning your masters degree.  Now it is time to register with the Florida Board as an Intern and identify your Qualified Supervisor, so that you can begin to can count your work experience toward your post-masters supervised experience, required for licensure. 



Step 1.  Obtain an application by contacting the Board

(Download application at ). 

             Division of Medical Quality Assurance

         Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health  


         4052 Bald Cypress Way

         Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3258  

         (850) 245-4474



 Step 2. Complete all sections of the Application :

(Instructions for the application is available at the above website, but click here for an example)

(A sample of a completed, although fake, application form is available by clicking here)


          General Information

         Educational Worksheet

         Submit Official Transcripts

         Return the application with the appropriate fee


Step 3.  The Board requires that the University send a letter verifying that your Practicum&Internship were completed following the CACREP Standards.  Please complete the Practicum  and Internship Verification Form found in the Student Handbook and forward this to the the Program Coordinator.  Once the Form is received, the letter will be prepared and sent directly to the Board.    


Step 4.  You must identify a Qualified Supervisor to sign off on your post-masters hours before you can count the hours towards licensure.  If you already have a Supervisor at the time you fill out the  application you can provide that information at that time.  Most agencies where you will likely be employed will provide you with a Supervisor.



If you have any specific questions about the application, please contact the Board.