Software for Mathematics and Statistics. (not endorsed by the dept; use at your own risk)

Freeware:Google these for download sites. Of course, terms, conditions and versions may change.

1) A free alternative to Mathematica and MATLAB, etc is SciLab. Another is the web site You can also estimate integrals quickly with Excel.

2) A free alternative to Photoshop, etc is gimp.

3) For simple graphing, try MathGV.

4) For web-editing, Amaya is free. I think some versions of Front Page are also free.

5) For FTP, there are many options [WS-FTP, Core FTP]. If you need SFTP (secure ftp), try WinSCP.

6) For anti-virus, try AVG. For spyware removal, MalWareBytes.

VPN [Virtual Private Network] software, needed for remote access, etc.

Try With this, you will probably also need some anti-virus program, and:


For help, see Jose Mencia, or me [SH].