Information for Mathematics and Statistics Faculty

Hopefully, this page includes everything faculty need to know, to plan courses, and do their jobs. To request additions to this page, please contact Prof S Hudson.


Syllabi [Math] - Math course descriptions + coordinator list

Syllabi [Stat] - Stat course descriptions

University syllabus requirements

Academic Calendar

Academic Misconduct procedures

Informal Resolutions form

Formal Complaints form

Adjunct + Instructor handbooks (via the English dept)

Research: Some faculty use these sites:


The arxiv

Technology/Misc :

PantherSoft [MyFIU] login. To download your class roster, current advice is to use a recent version of internet explorer (not Chrome or Firefox). But here is our previous best advice, and steps 2-4 are still valid.

1) Use the Firefox browser. 2) Log in to MyFIU, find your class, click on the roster icon (looks like 3 people) to the left. 3) Click the download icon above the roster (it looks like graph paper). 4) If the last step doesn't work, check that you are allowing pop-ups.

The TeX site (eg the ctan site; popular mathematics word processing software, and accessories)

Useful software : math and misc; mostly freeware, for now. If you need remote access, or a vpn client , this has the links - or contact Jose for help [or me, SH].

The Dept Intranet contains files of dept policies. Enter your usual username (or "ad/username") and password.

Printing in DM 416 [a note by Dev Roy about using manual feed]

Other Links: See also the

FIU faculty page, huge, but the FIU website was designed primarily for students, not faculty or staff!

FIU Faculty FAQ[more organized, but mainly about panthersoft / tech issues]

Thanks especially to Dev, Mike and Tom for their suggestions. Some ideas for the future: a dept calendar including reminders and deadlines, various "how-to" pages, specialized dept syllabi [public vs private]. Faculty input is welcome here.